Tao Gardens

Tao Gardens is one of those special places on earth where you immediately feel at home.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to spend 5 weeks at Tao Gardens, Master Mantak Chia’s teaching center and healing resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I had spent 25 years in the healing profession in California and welcomed this well deserved vacation to care for myself.

Tao Gardens, 80 private acres of Thai paradise ,fulfills Master Chia’s vision “to be one of the best Holistic Health Spas” on the planet. During my stay here, I was able to learn the foundations of Taoist QiGong Internal Alchemy and experience a rejuvenation of my personal health and happiness.   The environment that was created for training students in the Universal Healing Tao answers the needs of the body, mind and spirit just like the teachings do. I had all my needs for high quality living met . The motto  of “good food, good air, good water, good chi, good heart and good mind” were promises that Tao Gardens totally lived up to.

During your stay at Tao Gardens you can rest, rejuvenate,   learn and enjoy yourself without concern for your personal dietary needs.  You will be eating in the “Kwan Yin” dining hall.  The Universal Tao vision for living found in the food here and reflected in the namesake is “to live simply, mindfully, take good care of our bodies, our thoughts and our spirits.”
Tao Gardens can accommodate up to 200 guests who arrive as individuals or in groups from all over the world. I was there for 5 weeks at an intensive training. Even though there were over 100 people present, I always had a sense of quiet, privacy and spaciousness. The only way I could keep track of the numbers was to see them all together in the classroom at one time.
I could walk to the garden and have time just for myself or eat my dinner with a group of cheerful, welcoming guests and make a table full of new friends.

For your health Tao Gardens has an Integrated Medical Center called the Pakua Clinic and an internationally know healing resort called the Anyamanee Spa.

These Holistic facilities were established by Master Mantak Chia with the vision of offering the widest array of complimentary medical and alternative healing methods. The clinic has a highly trained professional staff featuring Thai, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western medicines.

2010 marks the 30 year Anniversary of Master Mantak Chia's teachings! I will be at the Tao Congress along with the director and the web master of PacificTao.com. Senior Universal Tao instructors from around the world will be celebrating the successful outreach of the QiGong Internal Alchemy System to people everywhere by Master Chia. Seminars, workshops, networking, forums, dance, demonstrations, regional issues, debates, new discoveries will be presented in ten intensive days of the most expansive and engaging celebrations of QiGong developments on the planet

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